About SmartDevil

Shenzhen SmartDevil Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and initially focused on the ODM and OEM business, manufacturing electronic computer peripheral products. However, in 2010, the company strategically adjusted its business direction in response to changes in the domestic and international digital product market and to meet market demands. To support this shift, SmartDevil assembled professional design and R&D teams and collaborated with the Korean design company KCM.

The company shifted its focus towards designing and producing accessories for popular mobile phone brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Nokia. Its range included protective covers, cases, brackets, and other small accessories. As an OEM manufacturer for various domestic and foreign brands, SmartDevil did not previously have a presence in the mass market under its own brand.

In recent years, the market has been flooded with counterfeit products that deceive consumers with their poor quality and performance. Many factories have compromised product quality to reduce costs. In response to these challenges, the senior management of SmartDevil made the decision to launch their own brand, named "闪魔" in Chinese and "SmartDevil" in English.

This strategic move aimed to establish SmartDevil as a trusted brand and provide customers with high-quality, authentic products. By combining their expertise in design and production with a commitment to superior quality, SmartDevil is dedicated to offering innovative and reliable digital accessories to enhance the user experience.

SmartDevil advocates for "innovative digital design for life," integrating the aesthetics of technology with humanistic pursuits to build a rich and unique digital ecosystem, allowing consumers to enjoy an ideal digital experience and achieve a better life.

SmartDevil is committed to exploring more possibilities for digital products, enabling a more imaginative digital life, and becoming a globally renowned digital brand known for its innovation.